Unable to connect to server via FTP Filezilla

  • April 18, 2015

If you are using Filezilla to connect to our server, you may experience frequent disconnect and may also result in lockout. This is because the firewall setting in our server that track the number of connections made by FTP session. If you use a default Filezilla setup, it will be using passive connection. This type of connection will result opening multiple connection via passive port to the server, and the firewall will block this type of connections to prevent any DDOS or SYN FLOOD.

To tackle this issue, we always recommend the customers to do the following:

  1. Zip your files in your computer, then upload it via File Manager, and use the extract feature in the File Manager. You may do the same if you would like to download multiple files in our server. There is compress feature in the file manager as well
  2. Change your Filezilla connection to Active (go to Edit -> Settings -> look for Connection (FTP) and choose "Active" for transfer mode. Untick "Allow fallback to other transfer mode on failure".
  3. Otherwise, you can connect via FileZilla and use SFTP instead (add "sftp://" for the URL and use port 2200)

If you still have issue, please feel free to email support@sosys.net for unblocking your  IP address in our firewall.

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