SNI/SSL Changes to your Email

  • December 3, 2016

With the new SNI and AutoSSL in Cpanel 11.60, there are few changes that needs to be done in order to prevent unforeseen connectivity issues, especially for those using mail client such as Outlook or Android/Iphone:

1. If you are able to access and being directed to, that means, autoSSL is enabled in your account. 

2. When SSL is enabled in your account, that means all your account related are translated via secure SNI certificates.

3. If you are using mail client in your PC, ensure that for Outgoing Mail setting, tick "Use TLS/SSL" option or equivalent. That means, all mail exchanges are now via your SSL certificates

4. If you are using Android app/Iphone to download your mails, please enable SSL equivalent as well. For Android, its by enabling the TLS while retaining the current port (imap incoming at 143 and imap outgoing at 26 or 587)

If you find that this is too troublesome, please open a support ticket and will be happy to disable SNI AutoSSL in your account, where your account no longer pass to the SSL channel.

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