Migration of Singapore Server ( to new datacenter on 8th December 2012

  • December 1, 2012 by Tech #1
What will happen?
- Basically, we are migrating the data from into The server is located in Telin datacenter so data migration should be fast and during off peak (12AM Singapore Time to start off) and expect to last about 2-3 hours.
- We will change the IP address of singapore.bennykusman.com to Nameserver still the same, which is ns1.bennykusman.com and ns2.bennykusman.com, but IP will change to and respectively.
- We have configured the new server setting such as php, apache, mysql, and etc to be the same as the existing one

What time ?
- We will be doing from 12AM Singapore Time on 8th of December 2012 (Saturday) 

What are the benefits ?
- Higher and latest server 
- Direct connection to Telkom Indonesia which gives benefit if you are serving Indonesian Customer
- Lower hops from US location to Telin datacenter
- 10Mbps connection speed

What should i expect ?
- If you are a shared hosting customers, you dont have to worry, because we will update our nameserver to the new ip. It will be transparent to you and no changes required at your side
- If you are a reseller hosting customers and using your own nameserver (such as ns1.yourdomainname.com and ns2.yourdomainname.com), please update your nameserver IP address to and respectively. Please do this at 6AM Singapore Time onwards on 8th December 2012 (Saturday)
- The new server will have the hostname : telin.bennykusman.com, however we will point singapore.bennykusman.com to the new server IP address once everything is working fine

Will there be downtime ?
There will be no downtime in our plan, however, we do expect that DNS propagation may take few hours to be completed. 

When are you going to completely delete my data in the old server ?
Once there is no reported issue on the migration, we will completely delete your data on the old server on 10th December 2012 (Monday). We will however, keep your data separately on the backup server as a failover plan.


*Update (7 November 2012): 
11:00pm : data migration has been performed and expected to complete in 2 hours
12:30am : the nameserver Ip has been updated to point to new server
01:00am : DNS propagation is still on-going to accept new server IPs
03:00am : All accounts has been migrated. If you see that your website shows "Suspended" page, it's due to the DNS propagation. Please allow some time on it.
07:00am : All propagation has been completed and migrated data successfully.