New Service Offering: VPS Hosting (Singapore Server)!

  • September 28, 2012 by Tech #1
‚ÄčAs to the FY2011/2012, is ready to offer you our VPS Hosting Service. This time we are offering in Singapore Datacenter (service will commence on 5th October 2012)

Unlike shared/reseller hosting, VPS allows you to do so much more things that shared/reseller hosting in its own container. Meaning to say, you are able to run your own application without having to share with other users and you have the full control of your VPS (using 'root' userid).

VPS is just like a mini dedicated server at a fraction of the cost. The VPS that we offer comes with free CPanel and semi-managed service with full 24/7 support. Whether you are geek or not, it does not matter as we will setup and hardened your VPS and it's ready to use once you purchased it!

For full VPS package details and pricing, you may visit:

*most of the packages comes with free Cpanel software and initial hardening

Moreover, US server VPS is available as well with the same powerful configuration.

As to maintain high quality service, only XEN VPS is available for our VPS plans. Xen does not allow overselling of the resources and you get what you pay.