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  • [US Server] 3Aug 2012 - 1pm-4pm Singapore Time - Power Supply Maintenance

    August 1, 2012 by Tech #1
  • The following notification was received from Colo4 today:

    EVENT ID: COLO408022012-FM
    DATE: 08/03/2012
    ESTIMATED START TIME: 03 Aug 2012 12:59PM Singapore Time
    ESTIMATED END TIME: 03 Aug 2012 04:00PM  Singapore Time 
    TYPE OF WORK: Uninterruptible Power Supply Unit # 4 maintenance
    PURPOSE OF WORK: Corrective Maintenance on UPS unit 4 for a non service impacting display board
    IMPACT OF WORK: None expected. Please note that during this set maintenance window facility power load for service entrance 1 at 3000 Irving Blvd. will be transferred to generator.

    Maintenance Description:

    We will be performing corrective maintenance on one UPS unit replacing a display board. The Colo4 Facilities technicians will work closely on-site with equipment system vendors and service providers to assure that the maintenance is non-intrusive and transparent to your operations.

    During this period, all other services will continue in accordance with our normal procedures such as remote hands, installations, site visits, etc..

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