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  • [US Server] 6 Jan 2012 - 4pm-7pm Singapore Time: Upstream Provider Level3 Emergency Maintenance

    January 6, 2012 by Tech #1
  • The following notification was just received from Colo4:

    EVENT ID: COLO401192011-NM
    DATE: 6 Jan 2012
    WINDOW START TIME: 4:00 PM Singapore Time
    ESTIMATED END TIME: 7:00 PM Singapore Time
    SERVICES/EQUIPMENT: Level3 Circuit on Premium (IP Managed) Bandwidth
    TYPE OF WORK: Provider Code Upgrade
    PURPOSE OF WORK: Pre-fail Maintenance
    IMPACT OF WORK: Router Offline, Service Disruption

    Maintenance Description:

    Upstream provider Level3 will be upgrading the code on their router EDGE3.DAL1 tomorrow morning between 2am and 4am. Colo4 will preemptively perform a controlled shut down the Level3 circuit just prior to the maintenance window and will bring the circuit immediately following the window and we have confirmation that the Level3 router is back to operational status.

    Level3 circuit won't be hanging around for hours but will rather be shutdown few minutes before Level3 will start their maintenance. At that moment traffic will stop going through Level3, BGP announce through Level3 will die and all that traffic will start going through other transit providers. There might be few minutes of connectivity interruption during that time.

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