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  • [US Server] Power loss at US Server 26 Oct 2011 @ 2.24pm

    October 26, 2011 by Tech #1

  • Here is the summary (Singapore time)

    2.14pm : Sudden power loss
    2.28pm : Power is back but websites are still inaccessible. Server is on post-power cycle procedures where it has to be stopped again for disk space usage recalculation.
    2.42pm : Preparing for post power cycle procedure and disk space usage calculation
    2.50pm : Post power cycle procedure is running now and website will be down
    2.55pm : All web is back to normal

    We truly apologize for the sudden issue. We will update this page regularly once we receive updates/announcement from the datacenter.

    Below is reply from Colo4:
    At approx. 1:18AM CST 10/26/2011 Colo4 experienced a localized issue on one of our UPS units during a maintenance window for our 3004 Irving Blvd facility causing a brief loss of power for three PDU units (power distribution units) PDU’s 31, 34, and 36 causing customers without A/B power on these particular PDU’s that are not maintaining A/B power configuration to lose power. Those maintaining A/B power were not affected. Colo4 immediately identified and began mitigating the problem; with onsite electricians we restored the power to the affected PDUs immediately to get customers that were affected back online.

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