cPanel licensing changes - 29 Jun 2019

  • June 28, 2019 by Tech #1

Dear Clients,

We received notification that cPanel has changed significantly on their cpanel licensing structure and pricing effective in Aug 2019. This announcement will immediately affect our customers that are subscribed under Dedicated and VPS server with free cpanel bundled.

Frankly, the cpanel license is not free, but we bundle it in our package and absorb the cost, keeping you at ease of mind while we are still trying to make it affordable. 

But, with the new pricing introduced by cPanel, the cost could simply go up from 50% - 200% on the license alone, making it not suitable/profitable to our business and if we decide to continue to provide free cpanel, we will be immediately making a loss.

The new cpanel pricing is calculated based on the number of cpanel account in the server, and has multiple tier as it reaches certain threshold. On top of that, as we exceed their max limit of 100 accounts, we will be paying $0.2 per cpanel in the server. 

This is in contrast of the previous licensing practise, where we were charged at flat rate per month regardless the number of cpanel account.

This means, if you host 50 cpanel accounts in a vps, the cost of the cpanel license alone will be around US$35 per month. The price will continue to snowball (for example 200 account in a vps, the cpanel license will cost around US$60). And this cost will keep on increasing indefinitely depending on the cpanel accounts.

We are in the midst to discuss with cPanel Account Manager on how to move forward, as this announcement comes at the sudden time.

Presently, the issue was debate hotly at with many show their disagreement.

As soon as SOSYS.NET has decided on the final outcome, affected VPS/Dedicated Clients will be informed.

We thank you and apologize for the inconvenience.


Update on 1 Jul: We have shown our dissatisfaction on the new cpanel licensing schema with our Account Manager and have outpoured our thoughts on how this may clients. We were told that our opinions matters and will be brought into their appear management.

Update on 6 Jul : cPanel has released new updates, but this does not change its view on the account-based pricing. Hence, we are going to stop renewing cpanel license starting from 15 Aug 2019. Immediate affected clients will be those who are paying in IDR (Rupiah) currency, as the conversion rate that we have used is not sustainable. Those clients that have paid using SGD currency, the cPanel license will continue to remain in place until further notice.

At the same time, we are no longer offering unlimited reseller cpanel account, but have clamped down based on number of cpanel account.

Update 30 Nov: We are stopping to distribute cpanel licenses to those client paying in non-SGD currency