[US Server] Upgrade of OS for LA Server (Shared/Reseller Server) - 3 Dec 2016 - 1AM SGT

  • November 15, 2016 by Tech #1

Dear Customer,

As our roadmap to refresh the existing shared/reseller hosting server in this next few months, we are going to upgrade the LA (la.bennykusman.com) server with latest centOS on the below scheduled time. 

Some of the key benefits:

  1. Enabled SSL for Cpanel, WHM, and webmail access (via https:// prefix)
  2. Better performance through new kernel, JFS, and new processor/server
  3. New varnish improvement for caching
  4. Cpanel 11.60 new layout and faster loading compared to older versions
  5. Ioncube 5.x with MariaDB 10
  6. AutoSSL (email to request for your free SSL :) )
  7. and More :)

Below is the scheduled downtime:

Date/Time: 3rd December 2016 1AM SGT till completion (may last up to 6 hours)

List of activities:

  1. New server configuration and hardening under Centos 7, PHP 5.6, MariaDB 10, and Apache 2.0 with Varnish
  2. Backup of existing data and transfer into the new server
  3. Change of the new server IP (67.x and 96.x) to retain existing configuration
  4. Restore of backups in new server
  5. Rebuild all the databases

There should be no change of IP required, and please refrain from making updates to your website prior to the migration window. If you are using default nameserver (ns5.bennykusman.com and ns6.bennykusman.com), you should not need to change anything at your side. Please allow up to 24 hours should it require any DNS propagation.

Should you require any clarifications, please do not hesitate to open a support ticket. All updates during migration window will be posted in this announcement thread.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Thank you


15 Nov : Notification sent out

27 Nov : New server has been stress test and ready to go

2 Dec 11PM: Migration started early as backup has been taken.

2 Dec 11.45PM: Restoration of accounts started

3 Dec 12.45AM: Restoration completed. Some accounts with dedicated IP has some issues and being looked into it. Other accounts are running fine under shared IP

3 Dec 1.30AM: issue was due to old mac address being cached in the switch.

3 Dec 1.45AM: All issues resolved. Migration is completed. You should be able to access your account now. If you have any issues, please do not hesitate to contact support@sosys.net