[ID Server] Kernel panic on one of the server - 25 Oct 2015

  • October 25, 2015 by Tech #1

Dear Clients,

Today we experienced the same kernel panic which occured earlier during the weekly backup timeframe. A reboot on the server was performed on both occasion as the server is not responding in timely manner We determine no hardware malfunction through various system logs and are monitoring the server closely. The timing matches almost closely with the backup that is running on weekly basis. We have submitted this case the solusvm for their review on the backup script.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused

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10.40PM 24th Oct: Kernel panic occured and server reboot was performed

4.09AM 25th Oct: the same kernel panic on ncftp (used by backup service) occured, and analysing the log and reboot was performed.

5.45PM 25th Oct: server is set to online with no hardware failure detected

11.45PM 7 Nov: the ncftpput has caused the server to hang again. As such, we are stopping backup services for time being till Solusvm solved the issue.