Currency Conversion update (IDR and MYR) - For DOMAIN only

  • June 16, 2015 by Tech #1

It's very frustrating for us to adjust the currency rate but our hands are tight, and we keep loosing money since the IDR and MYR currency are not up to what we expected against USD/SGD.

As such, we try to minimize this, and only DOMAIN product which are not bundled with shared hosting, is affected.

At the current price, we are selling at the loss to the clients paying in Indonesia Rupiah or Malaysia Ringgit.

We have to adjust upward for the domain price from 1 SGD to 8000 rupiah --> 1 SGD to 9000 rupiah / 39 Ringgit.

I know this could be difficult for some customers, but we have no choice. The last currency conversion was done in 6th July 2014 against all products, but this time, we try to minimize the impact by only changing the DOMAIN products.

Remember, this only affect to the customers who are :

  1. Purchase only domain name (any extension) for new/existing customers
  2. Pay with Indonesia Rupiah / Malaysia Ringgit

If you answer both to those categories, you are affected and it will be immediate against any existing invoices that have been generated, or future invoices.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email

Thank you