Currency Conversion update (IDR and MYR) and VPS SG new disk space

  • July 6, 2014 by Tech #1

In the beginning, we started off the exchange rate for our products at a flat rate of 1 SGD for Rp. 7000,- and 1 SGD for 2.4 Ringgit.

But since then, the exchange rate has been staggering and at some point, we are just making even for every sales.

As such, we got to revise the exchange rate, but still maintaining it at the competitive rate and lower than the market rate. The new rates are:

- 1 Singapore Dollar equivalent to Rp. 8.000,- (Indonesian Rupiah)

- 1 Singapore Dollar equivalent to MYR 2.5,- (Malaysian Ringgit)

This new rate will only apply to the new order placed after this 7th July 2014. (This only apply for customers paying in Indonesian Rupiah and Malaysian Ringgit)

Existing customers are not affected and your old exchange rate will remain.

Finally, the Singapore VPS package got upgraded in terms of the disk space. Check out for the new package at the same price. New orders can be placed starting from August 2014.