[ID Server] 5 Nov 2013 - Server inaccesible - 1930 Singapore Time

  • November 5, 2013 by Tech #1
As of now, we are aware that the connectivity to the server is lost for Indonesia server.  We have made attempts for datacenter to check on this immediately. We will update on you on this thread.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Kind Regards,
BK Web Solutions


1930PM: Down notification from pingdom and log a ticket with datacenter
1945PM: In call with datacenter for verification and being checked by the datacenter
2030PM: Datacenter is working on the server, server is not accessible via remote access and physical checking is being executed
2300PM: Datacenter is still doing checking. We also check with them if the replacement parts are available and they replied with "in stock"
2330PM: Senior DC is on its way to the datacenter to check on the issue. 
0130AM: Communicating with Senior DC admin on the possible causes. It could be that some intrustions have been made to the server from the VPS inside and installed few tools like ipmi & sudo. Action was taken such that to clean unwanted tools, removed unnecessary userid in unix. Based on the history command, there is no explicit history that the user logged into the VPS. Besides, each VPS has its own root password that only the owner of the VPS has it.
0140AM: The server xen-id.sosys.net is up. Total downtime is 6 hours