[ID Server] Power trip at IDC D3 - 13 & 15 July 2018

  • July 13, 2018 by Tech #1

Dear Customers,

As of 10.45PM SGT, our monitoring reported down on the 2 IDC server, and the engineer onsite is currently checking.

As of 11.10PM SGT, it's confirmed Winter Floor 1 at IDC is all down. This also affect the rest of the tenant. IDC D3 staff is working tiredlessly to bring back the power on Winter Floor 1

As of 11.43PM SGT, IDC engineer is trying to bypass the UPS

As of 11.56PM SGT, the power source is up and the VMs are booted. If you encounter issue, please open a support ticket

As of 15 Jul 02.00 PM SGT, we noticed the another power trip. The server is currently up and we will arrange with the DC to move the server into another rack for prevention. 

 As of 15 Jul incident report (in original text):


Penjelasan sementara dari IDC: kami mohon maaf sudah beberapa kali PLN Melakukan manuver / mengakibatkan kedip power dan genset tidak sempat on PLN sudah kembali ON - semua UPS berjalan baik seperti biasa ... ups winter kemarin fail dan sudah kami lakukan bypass genset dan maintains termasuk pernggantian batre baru 

kondisi ups normal pada log kami 

terjadi kedip - yg  mengakibatkan server restart - sedang kami lakukan pengecrkan kembali untuk mengetahui apa yg terjadi pada ups tersebut


We apologize for the inconvenience. 

*RFO is available from the DC and we could distribute to the affected client upon request.